XO-CHIQ OIL Pailetted 100ML

Oil of the Goddesses.

A source of beauty, XO-CHIQ oil will sublimate your skin and hair.
The gentle, warm, enchanting scent offers a moment of pure relaxation. Can be used to render skin and hair sublime.

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100% vegan formulas, 98.8% ingredients of natural origin, ORGANIC cocoa.
Graded 100/100 Yuka.

Non-greasy oil for body, face and hair.

The XO-CHIQ massage oil is a skin enhancing complex of 7 exquisite, 100% plant-based oils with nourishing, anti-aging and hydrating properties.
The gentle, warm, enchanting scent offers a moment of pure relaxation. Can be used to render skin and hair sublime.

Our secrets ingredients:
- Organic cocoa butter: powerful antioxidant, nourishes, protects, repairs and soothes.
- Argan oil: moisturises, nourishes and protects.
- Apricot oil: nourishes, tones, softens and protects.
- Macadamia oil: restructures, nourishes and protects.
- Carrot macerate: illuminates the complexion and protects.
- Castor oil: stimulates the production of collagen and elastin, softens and moisturises.
- Sunflower oil: nourishes and softens.
- Aloe vera macerat: revitalising and smoothing.

Cacao extract, containing concentrated polyphenol antioxidants, reacts in synergy with rigorously selected oils and cacao butter to activate cell renewal, hydrate skin and delay skin aging. Enriched with fatty acids and vitamins, it improves skin tone and elasticity. A source of beauty and lightly shimmering, skin is more beautiful and younger-looking. The gentle, warm, enchanting scent offers a moment of pure relaxation.

Results: A true source of beauty and pleasure, XO-CHIQ oil will bring radiance and softness to your skin... and leave it with a subtle perfume with sensual and delicate notes.

ORIGIN OF THE NAME: XO-CHIQ is from Xochiquetzal, goddess of beauty according to Aztec mythology. This sublime and precious oil imparts all its richness to skin and hair, enveloping them in an enchantingly scented satin veil for unrivalled beauty befitting a goddess.

Additional information

Skin type

All skin types








Naturel et sans paraben

Specific care



For use all year round, summer and winter alike. Formulated for use on the face, body and hair.

Face: Apply and smooth gently outwards from the centre of the face. Along the neckline, rub in an gentle upwards motion, from the décolletage up towards the neck.

Body: Apply using gentle circular movements.

Hair: Apply to the tips and the lengths as often as required. For a more intense effect, apply once or twice a week as a masque, leaving it for 10 minutes before shampooing the tips and lengths. Do not apply to wet hair prior to drying or straightening.


A clean formula, containing 98.8% natural ingredients. O% Charter: Mineral Oils - Parabens - Silicones - PEG Compounds - GMOs - Animal Ingredients - Silicones - Alcohol - Lanoline - Petroleum Derivatives - MIT - BHA - Phenoxyethanol - Larylsulfates - Phthalates - Alkyphenols - Benzophenone - Lilial - Triclosan - EDTA - Aluminium - Nanoparticles - PEG - Formaldehydes - Endocrine Disruptors None of our skincare products or active ingredients are tested on animals.


Hydrated and nourished, skin is firmer, soft and satin-smooth. The all-round light-diffusing shimmer blurs subtle imperfections on the body.


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