THEOBROMA SECRET CACAO is the first technology-based cosmetics brand committed to clean beauty derived from natural cacao. Revolutionary, delicately textured, sensory skincare that protects skin, health and the environment.

Our laboratory has created expert, innovative skincare with purified formulas whose composition is made-up of 98% COSMOS certified natural ingredients. All active ingredients are rigorously selected for their effectiveness, the unparalleled richness of their skin nourishing properties, their naturalness and their resilience. Their optimally concentrated formulas are blended to be both high performing and tailored to your needs. 

THEOBROMA SECRET CACAO sources its cacao extract very carefully. We have selected the highest quality organic cacao from a grower who takes enormous care to harvest in a manner that preserves the richness of the cacao polyphenols (powerful antioxidants) and its unparalleled cosmetic properties.

Our laboratory has developed a range of highly effective skincare products with clean formulas free of any potentially harmful ingredients. 

0% : Mineral Oils - Parabens - PEG Compounds - GMOs - Animal Ingredients - Silicones - Alcohol - Lanoline - Petroleum Derivatives - MIT - BHA - Phenoxyethanol - Laurylsulfates - Phthalates - Alkyphenols - Benzophenone - Lilial - Triclosan - EDTA - Aluminium - Nanoparticles - PEG - Formaldehydes - Endocrine Disruptors

None of our skincare range or active ingredients within them are tested on animals.